10 Different Wedding Video Ideas Portugal


There are so many different wedding video ideas in which one can get creative when filming a DIY wedding video!


So many angles, perspectives, and shots that can be captured to create beautiful images and therefore an unforgettable wedding video in Portugal! When filming your own Portugal wedding video, it is harder to decide what it is you would like to be filmed on camera, however to make it easier for you, we have come together with the Top 10 wedding video Ideas for you to use for your Destination Wedding in Portugal.

With these ideas, it will be easy for you to decide, which ones you would like to implement for your wedding video in Portugal. Have an exclusive and original wedding video for your destination wedding in Portugal, by following some of these creative and fun filled Wedding Video Ideas in Portugal!

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1. Our Own Moment

Couples usually love to film the moment in which they read personal letters or receive gifts from each other. This moment is really emotional, and usually it’s the best man who films the groom, and the maid of honor who films the bride. Keep in mind that the bride and groom have not seen each other yet, so it is a very anxious and happy wedding video moment as well.

2. The First Sight

Have one of your guests film your facial expressions when you first see each other. You can have one guest film the groom and another guest film the bride. The expressions are priceless when they first see each other, and are a true representation of their feelings. Having this moment captured, is sure to bring tears to your eyes, and it will definitely be a little treasure that you will want to keep stored for the rest of your life in your DIY wedding video!

3. Wedding Bouquet

Attach the GoPro to your wedding Bouquet, and let it film whilst you throw it in the air, into one of the guest’s hands. This will prove to be the most epic footage ever of your destination wedding in Portugal, and therefore it is a must have for your wedding in Portugal. Also, you can attach the GoPro to your wedding bouquet whilst walking down the aisle, to create real memorable footages from a different angle for your DIY wedding video in Portugal.

4. Largest Selfie Ever

Use the GoPro to take a selfie with everyone from your destination wedding in Portugal, creating the largest selfie ever of your wedding in Portugal! It will be fun to remember everyone who was there the years following your wedding in Portugal. The GoPro is great to film your wedding video in Portugal, as well as to take large angle photos, which other cameras would not be able to capture!

5. Let me Capture Food

Use the GoPro to film every course, so that you can remember the food served at your destination wedding in Portugal! This will not only add color to your DIY wedding video in Portugal, it will also be a good way of keeping score of what you ate on your big day! You will be thankful for this footage down the line, when you won’t remember all the small details. Also, pass the GoPro around the reception table and have each guest leave a little small message for you and your husband – it will be great to look back on these!

6. Important Speech

You must capture the most important speeches for your video in Portugal. Film the parents, groom and bride, best man and maid honor speeches at least, and include them in your wedding video in Portugal. As those will be true testimonials of real love that you will want to keep with you forever in a gorgeous DIY wedding video in Portugal! You will be so happy to run through these again a few years later!

7. The Best Cake

Film the cake cutting ceremony, and the champagne splashing everywhere! It will be fun to see the champagne being splashed over everyone during your destination wedding in Portugal, and together with the stunning cake cutting ceremony, you will want to see these footages over and over again in your Portugal wedding video! The cake cutting moment is not only extremely fun; it is also quite emotional as it wraps the wedding day! Therefore it is a must have on your DIY wedding video.

8. The First Dance

Have your guests film the first dance, and intercalate from slow motion to normal speed to create a creative, emotional, and super romantic feel for your wedding video in Portugal. Your destination wedding in Portugal will have that extra romance touch with a slow-mo first dance – the dance that you will eternally remember through your DIY wedding video in Portugal.

9. Slow Motion

Another way to use slow motion during your destination wedding in Portugal party is to have your guests film the dance, once again intercalating between slow motion, normal, and fast speed, to create really iconic and creative dance floor footage! The party is where everyone lets go, and therefore capturing these moments is just pure fun! Seeing it all go from fast to slow and slow to fast will create a very unique ending to your wedding video in Portugal.

10. Say Thank You

Leave a little message of thanks at the end to your family, friends, and of course your chosen filmmakers, to thank them all for your special destination wedding in Portugal! You can then send that DIY wedding video footage to everyone, instead of a thank you card, giving your GoPro wedding video in Portugal a creative twist as an end to such a great party! As your guests, they will love this little thank you video that they can treasure forever, and it will be quite fun to film it too!