10 Reasons Why You Film We Edit is a great Choice



Technically, what is it all about?

You Film We Edit is a great choice for filming both events and weddings in Portugal, including your destination wedding in Portugal! Our professional videographer and film editing team in Portugal have a lot of experience in film editing. They are used to film editing and they edit several different videos in Portugal, and therefore are perfect for You Film We Edit Portugal.

We chose to use the GoPro as your videographing equipment in Portugal, as it is easier to manage. Even if you have never used any sort of filming equipment, or shot a destination wedding in Portugal or event, do not worry as the GoPro is the easiest mechanism for do it yourself videos. So comfort your family, friends, and guests as we tried to make it less of a hassle for them. We will also go through tips and wedding or event filming information for your event or destination wedding  in Portugal footage to be a success.

Why is this a better system than normal video?


Because we know this is a new and out of the box concept, we would like to point out all the different reasons (10 to be exact) of why hiring You Film We Edit Portugal is such a great idea for your wedding in Portugal or your event in Portugal. Please read below the 10 Top Reasons why You Film We Edit Portugal is the right choice for your  destination wedding in Portugal or your destination event in Portugal, and quickly fall in love with this innovative, creative, and highly personal wedding or event filming idea in Portugal!


Hiring You Film We Edit Portugal will make you the proud owner of a very intimate video of your destination event or  destination wedding in Portugal. Having been filmed by your own family members, guests and friends, and therefore the closest people in your life circuit, will create an unforgettably personal set of footages in Portugal that you will want to treasure forever!

Less Hassle

Everything will be taken care of carefully by our team, to ensure we provide you with a stress free experience in Portugal. From renting the GoPro equipment, to the receiving of the equipment, the film editing, and then to the delivery of all the final footages, you will not need to worry about a thing. We will ensure that everything runs smoothly, so that you do not have a single extra thing to think about on your special wedding day or event day in your destination event or destination wedding in Portugal.

Budget Wise

Given the fact that all you are paying for is the rental of the equipment plus the film editing of the raw footage, you will not have to pay for the crew on the day, nor the huge amount of equipment that usually comes with the crew. No extra meals for the video staff, nor any other extra fees will be charged other than our standard service, so you will find yourself pleased with that huge chunk missing from your final event or  destination wedding budget in Portugal.


We will have only professionals dealing with you throughout the whole process. Our editors have a hefty experience when it comes to film editing, so you will be more than pleased with the end results of your destination wedding in Portugal video! From handling the actual process and the equipment, to editing all your different footages you will be in the hands of professional and efficient team members, who only wish to provide you with the best event or wedding video of your event or  destination wedding Portugal!

Fun Fun Fun

The fact that you are having your own “team” of friends, family or guests filming will provide both you and them with a huge level of entertaining fun fun fun! They will be sharing in the excitement and the honor of being your own “film makers”, whilst you will have the time of your life watching all the different ways in which they filmed your event or destination wedding in Portugal. The fact that they will have their own DIY filming in Portugal fun experience, and especially of the event or wedding of a person close to them, will make them ecstatic!


Your family and friends are the people who know you best of all. And the fact that you will watch a video in which you will see your event or wedding through the perspective of those who love you the most will be incredibly sentimental. Thinking that your family and friends took care and rejoiced in every single moment of your special event or wedding day in Portugal, is bound to bring a tear to your eyes – even if you have a heart of ice.


You will remember forever how the people closest to your heart took their time to film and make sure all your special moments were included in the footage. That is something you will never forget, and the final video as well, will be one that you want to re-watch every anniversary, and every time you want to remember the happiest day of your life. Every event or wedding is extremely memorable; now imagine that plus an innovative filming experience by your loved ones- absolutely unforgettable.


The great thing about You Film We Edit, is that it’s filmed by the perspective of your loved ones, so not only are they filming extremely emotional and memorable footages, you can also see how they view you, your partner, and your special day. Your movie will have the unique feature of being filmed exclusively through your loved one’s perspective, and we can assure you that this will be evident when you see the final masterpiece.


You will be the proud owner of a very unique footage, which will be very close to your heart and filled with warm moments. Moments those, that would be harder to grasp with a film crew, as you wouldn’t be as comfortable as your are in front of your own family and friends. With You Film We Edit, do it yourself event or wedding video in Portugal, your closest family and friends will provide you with unique footages of every single unforgettable and stunning moment of your event or wedding in Portugal.


From the moment you first rent the video equipment to the moment we present you with the edited DVD, you will have a very personalized service. First we instruct your close family/friends on how to best film, the different perspectives, where to be at the right moment etc, then we rent out the equipment that will be personally delivered to you with all the instructions. During the event, if you have any question you will be able to contact us. Afterwards, you give us back the video equipment. And a shot while after, you will personally receive a very personalized DVD with your event or wedding video.