10 ways to use a GoPro

Top 10 Ways to use the GoPro at your Destination Wedding in Portugal:


1. Getting Ready

One of the ways to use the GoPro for your wedding video in Portugal, is to have your friends film you getting ready, and watch the most exclusive behind the scenes shots of them before the big moment of your destination wedding in Portugal! Filled with nerves, and happy as can be, by having your friends and family film this moment you will capture the funniest and most emotional parts of the day!

2. Attach it to the Bouquet

Another of the ways to use the GoPro is to attach the GoPro to your Bouquet to have a unique and creative view of you walking down the aisle. Also by doing this you will capture the groom’s true emotions, which will be wonderful to see forever!

3. Rotate the GoPro

This is one of the greatest ways to use the GoPro: Pass the GoPro around the reception tables and have each guest leave a message to you as a couple! You will have the cutest testimonials from all of your loved ones, and see parts of the receptions that you would not usually grasp during your big busy day!

4. Cut the Cake and Splash the Champagne

This is one of the fun filled ways to use the GoPro: During the cake cutting, place the camera on the bottle of champagne and create the funniest images of the champagne spraying onto your guests! This will promise to be a fantastic moment!

5. DJ You’re Up

Another of the ways to use the GoPro is to place the GoPro over the DJ and have overview footages of the dance floor. That way you can both relax and dance amongst your friends, whilst certain that all of the groovy dance moves are being captured for your wedding video in Portugal!

6. One for the Girls and One for the Boys

Or even, one of the other ways to use the GoPro, when filming your wedding video in Portugal, is to hand over one GoPro to the girls, and one to the boys, and then each party can film what is going on behind the scenes of getting ready for the wedding. These moments are super intimate, and both really cute and funny – don’t miss them.

7. A Video Booth is a Necessity

There are so many ways to use the GoPro, but this has got to be the funnest: Have a closed booth where you can place the GoPro, and have your friends leave you personal messages! You can even ask each guest to leave you a date idea, for you to do on every  wedding anniversary or on every month! You will so enjoy seeing everyone’s ideas and thoughts in this unique wedding video in Portugal!

8. Fix and Point

One of the many ways to use the GoPro is to fix it pointing both to the sunset and the twilight, and enjoy having the footage mixed with the rest of your wedding footage. This will give you the idea of the time passing in a beautiful way, and even though you won’t have time to enjoy the sunset on the day, you will be able to enjoy it in your DIY wedding video in Portugal!

9. Assembling on the Day

This is one of the original ways to use the GoPro for your wedding video in Portugal: Want to see the staff assembling your wedding venue/ceremony? Place the GoPro in an aerial position in the time-lapse mode, and enjoy as you see your wedding going from an empty space, to the wedding venue of your dreams in a matter of seconds! It’s so fun to watch this part of the wedding, so definitely do not miss this opportunity!

10. Slow Motion for Emotion

And last but not least, our last example of ways to use the GoPro to create your wedding video in Portugal: Have certain areas of your wedding filmed in slow motion, for example the first dance, the disco, walking towards the groom, throwing the bouquet, cutting the cake and opening the champagne. etc! This will not only enhance these romantic and important parts of your wedding, it will also make the facial expressions much more clear, giving you memories for a lifetime!