About us

An unforgettable video professionally edited

An extremely personal, creative, and fantastically entertaining one too!

You Film We Edit in Portugal is a thrilling new concept that has been growing in the wedding destination and event industry around the globe. This concept consists in and idea that instead of you hiring a standard video team, we at You Film We Edit in Portugal lease you the best video cameras for weddings so that you can choose to have your own wedding and event party guests film your whole wedding or event in a much more personal, amusing and close up manner.

By having your own guests produce a funny wedding or event video of all your special moments, you are also presenting them with entertainment for the whole wedding and event day. At the end, our capable editing team at You Film We Edit in Portugal will edit the footages, and create the most fantastic and enticing wedding or event video in Portugal.

You can choose the best man, the bridesmaid, your event guests, or a conjunction of people, by having a camera passed around, to film your best wedding or event moments. There is a world of possibility when choosing who is in charge on the day, and it is completely up to you! Your guests can film all the crazy, fun, emotional, exciting and exclusive moments in a proximal, characteristic way, and we will then edit all the spectacular images recorded.

This is a great service, because not only will the filming be extremely unique and exclusive, as being filmed by different people will create a series of different perspectives that a filming team would not be able to capture, it is also way more affordable then hiring a video team for your wedding or event. The love that people at your wedding or event feel for you as a couple, will be transparent through the different ways that they film your special and remarkable moments, being able to record the small meaningful details that one filming from the outside might not grasp.

Once you have gathered all the filming done at your wedding or your event, all you have to do is to send it to our team, and a member of our professional video editors team will edit the images to your taste and preference, creating the most beautiful, laughable, and striking video of your wedding or event in Portugal.