How It Works?

DIY film in Portugal


Do it yourself film in Portugal for a funny, personal, affordable video!


4 Simple Steps for your event or wedding video in Portugal!

Rent our Cameras  – Having booked with us a date, all you need to do is wait for a member of the team to meet with you to deliver the equipment! Check out our Get your GoPro page, which explains how to do this! You will be one step closer to having your event or wedding video Portugal.

You Film your Video  – You can choose just a few filmmakers to film your destination wedding in Portugal or your event in Portugal, or you can have the camera pass around throughout the day! Check out our article about the 5 ways to use your GoPro at your Wedding  or event for inspiration! Have your family, friends, and guests film your destination wedding or destination event, whilst you fully enjoy your special day! And remember, your event or wedding video is being taken care of so just relax and most importantly have fun!

 We Edit your Video – Once we have collected the equipment from you, our talented and professional video editors will edit all of the footage captured, and create a tear dropping, sentimental, yet absolutely funny and unique movie that you will never be able to forget!

We Deliver your Video Edited – Then, once we have the final DVD with your edited movie, our team will send it out directly to you! No hassle, no stress, just a fun filled memorable wedding video or event video experience of your event or your destination wedding in Portugal.


You Rent It – You Film It – We Edit


We have organized everything for your experience of event or wedding video filming to be as easy as possible in your event or your destination wedding Portugal. Basically, once we have appointed you our GoPro, all you have to do is name a few people that are close to you to film your event or your wedding destination in Portugal.

Once you have one person, or a few picked out that you would like to be in charge of the footage filming, leave it to them and enjoy your big day in Portugal, whilst they get to work filming all your precious moments! From an emotional wedding ceremony, to an unforgettable corporate cocktail, hysterical speeches and a romantic first dance, your closest family members and friends will film the whole event or wedding in Portugal with our GoPro in their unique and own perspective.

At the end of your event or your wedding in Portugal, all you have to do is give us our GoPro back, as we will let our professional videographer editors get to work, and you will receive your edited video with wonderful and individual footage’s just a few days later!

Technically, what is it all about?


Our professional videographer editing team in Portugal has a lot of experience in editing. They are used to edit several different videos in Portugal, and therefore are perfect for You Film We Edit Portugal.

We chose to use the GoPro as your videographing equipment in Portugal, as it is easier to manage. Even if you have never used filming equipment, or shot an event or a wedding, do not worry as the GoPro is the easiest mechanism for do it yourself videos.

So comfort your family and friends, as we tried to make it less of a hassle for them. We will also go through tips and event or wedding filming information for your event or your wedding in Portugal footage to be a success.

Rent the best camera for your Wedding Video Portugal!


You Film You Edit Portugal presents you with the latest trendy gadget – the GoPro. This handy little item proves to be the best for all kind of events, and the fact that it can go anywhere and be attached to anything, making it a must have, especially in destination weddings in Portugal!

It is a unique, creative, and handy device especially to capture events or weddings, and has recently been the number one camera of choice to film couples’ destination weddings in Portugal. With its appealing characteristics such as the system of straps, small form factor, and lightweight design, the GoPro is the best choice for having all the exclusive moments of your event or your destination wedding in Portugal captured!

To give you some suggestions on how to use the GoPro at your event or your destination wedding in Portugal, we have listed the Top 10 Ways for using the You Film We Edit Portugal’s GoPro!

How do you Rent your GoPro?


It is real easy to rent out the GoPro for your event or your destination wedding in Portugal! One member of our team will personally deliver the GoPro the day before your event or your wedding and they will not only explain how to use the equipment, but leave an instruction leaflet with you as well! Upon delivery, and once you sign an agreement, the date for the return of the equipment will be established. Then all there is left for you to do is to have fun whilst your family and friends capture the footages from your event or your wedding day!

A member of our team will then pick up the equipment on the established day, and deliver it to one of our professional editors! Our editors will then proceed to edit your video to their utmost capacity! And voilá, through a hassle and stress free process, you will in a short period of time receive an original, unique and incredibly awesome DIY wedding video or event video of your unforgettable event or destination wedding in Portugal!