Top 10 Reasons to Host your Portugal Wedding



A Portugal Wedding is perfect for several reasons, and it is exactly for those reasons, that you should have both your wedding in Portugal and your wedding video in Portugal with You Film We Edit. A whole new experience, with a very good location, your wedding in Portugal will definitely astonish all of your guests!

There are thousands of places where you can host your wedding, so why have a destination wedding in Portugal? Why go for that tiny country in the Iberian Peninsula? Well, we’ll tell you why! From amazing climate, superb cuisine, authentic people, and stunning landscapes, to excellent hotel services, incredible experiences, and fun activities, your destination wedding in Portugal is sure to make you fall in love quite easily with all of Portugal’s different aspects.

Despite its size, there is so much to do in Portugal, and therefore we assure you that you will not be bored during your destination wedding in Portugal! Portugal is a country that is a mixed perfection between the civilized and elegant Europe, and the friendly and fun Latin America. In between these two cultures, you will find Portugal, a wonderful new world, ready to offer you all that it has best. Whether you love sports, history, outdoor, beach or countryside, Portugal has something special to offer all those who come to visit.

You are not convinced just yet? Well, do not worry!

Read below our top 10 reasons to host your Portugal Wedding, and we are sure that you will not regret your choice!


  1. Climate

The Climate in Portugal is absolutely exceptional. Therefore, you can rest assured that your Portugal wedding will be gifted with great weather for both your and your guests.

  1. History

Portugal has centuries of History, which is extremely interesting to learn. During your wedding in Portugal, you will see several traces of the Portuguese history throughout the Portuguese streets.

  1. Landscapes

The Landscapes in Portugal are superb and very diverse. From countryside fields, to stunning beaches, urban city centers, you can find all sorts of different landscapes for your wedding in Portugal.

  1. Gastronomy

From the Portuguese wine to the Portuguese typical desserts, the Portuguese gastronomy is absolutely scrumptious. A mix of Mediterranean flavors, you will be served only the best during your destination wedding in Portugal.

  1. Experiences

There are several experiences to try out when in Portugal. From Hot Air balloon rides, to water sports and nature hikes, there are thousands of different experiences to try out during your Portugal Wedding stay.

  1. Culture

The Portuguese culture is a culture that impresses almost everyone. When you come over for your Portugal Wedding, you will see all the wonderful attributes of our culture, and soon you will want to move here!

  1. People

The Portuguese people are extremely friendly, hospitable, helpful, and one hundred perfect authentic. You will meet all sorts of unforgettable personalities during your Portugal Wedding.

  1. Hospitality

Portugal is known for its hospitality, and it is home to some of the best hotels in the whole of Europe. Therefore, you can rest assured that your family and friends will be settled in the best of hands for your Portugal Wedding.

  1. Services

From extremely exclusive wedding venues, to extraordinarily fun video services such as You Film We Edit, there are thousands of services at your disposal for your Portugal Wedding.

  1. Monuments

Due to Portugal’s incredible history, Portugal is dotted with stunning historical monuments. You won’t get a chance to visit them all, but you should definitely pick a few to visit during your Portugal Wedding stay.