Top reasons to host your Lisbon Wedding



Lisbon is a trendy city that has a lot to offer its visitors, so if you are searching for a unique wedding location, then Lisbon is the ideal place to host your destination wedding in Lisbon.


Lisbon weddings are filled with culture, heritage, tradition and beauty, and therefore have become a must do, to couples searching for a destination wedding in Lisbon. Your Lisbon Wedding, will be a mix of elegance with a touch of color, as can be seen around Lisbon in Portugal.

From stunning beaches, empowering mountains, vintage manors, oceanfront hotels, and trendy urban venues, Lisbon is a city that has a lot to offer for your destination wedding in Lisbon. From every taste, preference, and style, our design of your Lisbon wedding will have something to offer every type of person. Whether you prefer a certain style, a more elegant wedding, or even a more adventurous wedding, or even a vintage styled wedding, your wedding in Lisbon can have whatever style of feature that you prefer for your destination wedding in Portugal!

There are so many interesting and unique factors that you can be implemented into your wedding in Lisbon, making it an unforgettable event for you and your guests. From offering the typical Portuguese tiles as your Lisbon wedding favor, to having your meal served in the typical Portuguese clay platters, you can mix and match to create the most wonderful and original destination wedding in Lisbon Portugal.

Our immense history and stunning monuments will also provide you and your guests with touristy and sight seeing fun filled days! We guarantee that you will fall in love with our people and in love with our historical culture, as that is what happens to everyone who hosts their destination wedding in Portugal.

Also, not to mention that your Lisbon wedding will have the added benefit of having really good food and wine, great venues, and unbelievable accommodation, for a price that is unbeatable throughout the rest of Europe. As well as being a super safe city, Lisbon will make you feel right at home, and will be sure to make it very hard for you to ever leave! However, if you still do not believe that a Lisbon Wedding is the right choice for you, drop everything and come see our destination wedding locations for yourself!


5 Reasons Why to Host a Lisbon Wedding:


  1. History- Portugal is a place that is full of history that can be evidenced through sightseeing, through our people, and through our architecture. A destination wedding in Lisbon is always influenced by Portugal’s unique historic touch, and therefore are always extremely diverse and full of creativity.
  1. Prices- Your Lisbon Wedding will be cheaper than any other city wedding, and therefore you can get a lot more for a lot less! This keeps your Lisbon wedding budget on point, and within your possibilities.
  1. Location- Lisbon is a city that is close to everything and our different venues are all in prime locations, allowing you to have easy access to all the main areas of interest. This is extremely helpful during Lisbon weddings, and is definitely great for your guests as well.
  1. Landscape– From Mountains, to oceanfront and beach weddings, to urban and palatial weddings, our company offers all types of different landscapes for your destination wedding in Lisbon. We are versatile, and so are the landscapes offered.
  1. Culture- Lisbon’s culture is evident in every street corner, and you will only learn more by engaging with the city everyday. Your Lisbon Wedding will be touched by this culture and therefore become this exotic yet elegant affair that everyone wants a piece of!


5 Must Dos during your Lisbon Wedding:


  1. Visit Guincho Beach- Guincho Beach was voted the 8th most beautiful beach in the world, therefore we always advise people to go take a look during their Lisbon Wedding.


  1. Sightsee around Lisbon– There is so much to see in Lisbon, and therefore you can count on a whole day of touristy fun during your Lisbon Wedding.


  1. Eat a Pastel de Nata in Belém – A famous Portuguese treat that many clients order for their Lisbon Wedding.


  1. Visit Sintra and the Fairytaile Palaces and CastlesSintra is the definition of romance, and will definitely set the mood for your Lisbon Wedding.


  1. Swim in our stunning beaches- Discover our paradisiacal beaches and definitely don’t miss out on a good swim! After their Lisbon Wedding, clients love to do so!


5 Photo Ideas for any Destination Wedding in Lisbon:


  1. Guincho Beach and the Sand Dunes– Right next to Guincho lay the most gorgeous sand dunes, that are perfect for bridal photo shoots for your Lisbon Weddings Prepare yourself for perfect images and unforgettable moments!


  1. Sintra and the Mystical Forest- Sintra is surrounded by thick mystical woods that contrast really nicely with bridal attire in wedding pictures! These woods have been hosts to many photo shoots of a destination wedding in Lisbon.


  1. Tower of Belém- An icon of history, and absolutely stunning during sunsets, this tower has been many couple’s choice as the photo shoot location during their Lisbon Wedding in Portugal.


  1. The Lighthouse- In Cascais there is a beautiful blue and white striped lighthouse, which is the perfect setting choice for a nautical Lisbon Wedding. With the lighthouse behind, you will create great photo opportunities!


  1. Marechal Carmona Park- If you wish for a more picnic styled shoot, with Portuguese tiles, and bright greenery surroundings then this Park is the right place for your photo shoot. Located in Cascais, many couples have chosen this as their photography setting for their destination wedding in Lisbon.