Wedding Video Concept



A new Wedding Video Concept that offers you all you can get for your destination wedding in Portugal!

You Film We Edit Portugal is a new Wedding Video Concept, which allows you to get everything you would for your destination wedding in Portugal with a filming crew, yet in a more thrilling, exciting, fun, emotional, and budget friendly way! Read below to see all that you can get with You Film We Edit Portugal:

1. A professionally edited video of your destination wedding in Portugal

2. An edited that is hosted online to share with both your family and friends

3. All the raw footage to watch and enjoy of your wedding video!

4. A Digital Master file of the wedding video of your destination wedding in Portugal, which includes an edited wedding video in HD!

10 Reasons Why You Film We Edit Is A Great Choice

Check out the Benefits of this new Wedding Video Concept

  1. You save money with this service
  2. You get a unique professionally edited video
  3. You and your guests will have fun, be more connected and more involved in your event or wedding day experience
  4. Your event or wedding day memories will be recorded and preserved in a high quality, high definition video 

This new wedding video concept is extremely revolutionary and a great idea for those couples who would love a gorgeous wedding video, yet still need to remain within an overall budget! For more information on what it is we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us!