Zankyou Wedding Breakfast II



As you may know by now, You Film We Edit Portugal also has a very talented and Professional editing service! Therefore, we want to share with you our editing skills by showing you this gorgeous video of the second edition of the Zankyou Wedding Breakfast in Lisbon. We were very honored to be a part of such a great event for the second time, and we cannot wait to share with you all of the amazedness of this wonderful event in Portugal.

Due to its diversity, and incredible location, we were so honored to be a part of this second edition, which was held in the Pestana Palace in Lisbon. The Pestana Palace is a gorgeous hotel, which completely facilitates the Zankyou Wedding Breakfast editing service by You Film We Edit Portugal. The fact that we were able to work in such a beautiful hotel, made our job a lot easier and a lot more pleasurable.

The event kicked off inside the Pestana Palace Hotel’s blue room, where guests were able to not only mingle and grow their networking, they were also able to admire the incredible work of My Wedding Flowers Portugal, Julie’s Cakes, and other wedding suppliers. The blue room in itself is gorgeous, however, decorated with all of the beauties from these wedding suppliers made it a lot prettier.

The guests were then taken into the breakfast salon, where the room was decorated with large flower arrangements by My Wedding Flowers Portugal. This is yet another impressive room in the Pestana Palace, and was more than organized to invite all the guests. With a scrumptious breakfast buffet, the wedding planners were all able to mingle, whilst our vision of the breakfast was captured! We loved the dining hall and all the mingling that went on! Not to mention that the food was absolutely to die for.

Last but not least, Gio Rodrigues gave the guests the chance to see his wedding dress fashion show. Across the street from the Hotel, are the Hotel’s stables, which have been reformed to their former glory, and was also where the wedding dress fashion show was hosted. Guests were welcomed and seated on either side of the outdoor patio, to enjoy the most innovative wedding dress designs. The views and the location were once again amazing, allowing us to create the most extraordinary footage!

Please view the movie above, and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like our help to capture your own event! We loved working with Zankyou and the Pestana Palace in Lisbon, and cannot wait to work with them once again in the future!